4(34)2020 from 12/30/2020




Uskov, V. I. Properties of some loaded integral operator with weight / V. I. Uskov, A. G. Panteleeva // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - P. 4-10. Access mode : http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/4-10.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-4-10.


Abstract: The paper considers some weighted integro-differential operator loaded with an operator term. It acts in the space of continuous functions. The conditions under which this operator is bounded are determined, and the form of its semigroup is established. As an application, we consider the Cauchy problem for a first-order integro-differential equation. Such equations arise in the theory of elasticity and models of biological processes: the Proctor problem of the equilibrium of an elastic beam, the Volterra problem of torsional vibrations, the Prandtl problem of calculating an airplane wing, in the analysis of economic models, etc.


Key words: integral operator, weight, properties, Cauchy problem, integro-differential equation, first order.


Gridneva, I. V. On the reliability of modern digital storage devices / I. V. Gridneva, N. R. Kamalov, A. S. Gridnev // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - P. 11-15. Mode access: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/11-15.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-11-15.


Abstract: In the modern economy, digital technologies play a very significant role. Therefore, the reliability of integrated circuits becomes one of the most urgent problems. The article analyzes the results of assessments of the reliability of memory devices of various bit depths by the method of assessing the complexity and influence of influencing factors. As a result of the study, it turned out that, in combination with formalized modeling, evaluation data can be used to predict the reliability of modern storage devices of any capacity.


Key words: microchip reliability, complexity of digital devices, memory size, number of failures, integrated circuits, external factors.


Kamalova, N. S. Prospects for the use of digital sensors for monitoring the condition of woody plants / N. S. Kamalova, N. Yu. Evsikova, Yu. V. Krutskikh // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 16-22. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/16-22.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-16-22.


Abstract: Modern digital technologies expand the possibilities for modeling the state of various systems, including those of natural origin. At the same time, verbal models still prevail in the field of control over the condition of woody plants. The reason is the lack of measuring instruments that would determine the condition of trees with controlled accuracy. The article proposes a model of the device, the principle of which is based on measuring the potential difference in tree trunks, which is formed due to thermopolarization phenomena in the xylem of trunks.


Key words: temperature gradient, stem xylem, potential difference, polarization of long molecules, digital technologies.


Knyazev, A.G., Kamalova N.S., Yudin R.V. A systematic approach to the comparative analysis of plows for tillage during reforestation // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 23-29. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/23-29.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-23-29.


Abstract: Using the methods of system analysis, a comparison of several alternatives to existing plows is carried out in order to justify the optimal choice of the method for their modification. The analysis takes into account the fact, discovered during soil cultivation in clearings, that share plows cultivate the soil well, but are not able to work in forest soils saturated with roots, or they require significant traction power, which is not always advisable. Therefore, disc plows are more often used in clearings, which have good cross-country ability and maneuverability, however, the quality of surface treatment is not ideal. In the design of existing tools, changes are needed. The system approach makes it possible to justify the feasibility of implementing a new design solution to take into account several factors: the expansion of design solutions, the reduction of time for a working operation, and the specifics of use in the conditions of the Russian Federation. Studies have shown that a plow with forced working bodies has optimal characteristics, which, when cultivating soil in clearings, additionally produces loosening.


Key words: systemic approach, alternative comparison method, comparison criteria, multi-criteria approach, plow designs, soil preparation in clearings.


Popov, M.A., Bartenev, I.M., Evsikova, N.Yu., Choice of an optimal design plow by comparing alternatives // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 30-35. Mode access: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/30-35.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-30-35.


Abstract: The paper provides a comparative analysis of a number of alternatives to justify the decision to improve the design of existing plows in order to optimize the mechanized planting of forest crops. It is shown that a systematic approach helps to justify the feasibility of introducing a new design development, taking into account several criteria: expanding functionality, reducing the cost of planting material and using it in certain natural and geographical conditions.


Key words: system approach, alternative comparison method, comparison criteria, multi-criteria approach, plow designs, micro-elevations.




Ogarkov, V. B. Pure bending of an elastic curved beam / V. B. Ogarkov, A. A. Aksenov, S. V. Malyukov, A. V. Knyazev, N. A. Borodin // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 36-43. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/36-43.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-36-43.


Abstract: The problem of pure bending of an elastic curved beam with a given moment M is considered. It is proved that the values ​​of stresses and strains found in this work depend on the value of Poisson's ratio. An exact analytical solution of this problem is obtained with the definition of unambiguous expressions for stresses and strains.


Key words: elastic beam bending, Poisson's ratio, Hooke's law.


Malyukov, S. V. Classification of mulchers / S. V. Malyukov, A. A. Aksenov, M. A. Malyukova // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 44-50. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/44-50.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-44-50.


Abstract: Mulchers are very useful in creating and caring for the forest. The wide range of different types of mulchers can be confusing for potential buyers. This article was aimed at creating a classification of mulchers based on an assessment of the most important parameters: weight, required engine power and the diameter of the cut wood. Six classes of machines were created, their boundaries were defined and mulchers were assigned to these classes. Class K1 (weight up to 1300 kg; productivity up to 75 kilowatts; diameter of the working body up to 22 centimeters) is the most common - 88 units of mulchers. It is followed by class K2 (1800 kilograms; 100 kilowatts; 27 centimeters) - 61 pieces, class K4 (3200 kg; 175 kW; 41 centimeters) - 44 pieces, class K3 (2300 kg; 125 kilowatts; 31 centimeters) - 34 pieces, class K5 (4100 kg; 225 kW; 51 centimeters) - 18 pieces. and class K6 (no upper limit) - 9 pcs.


Key words: mulchers, cut wood diameter, engine power, weight, classification.


Dorokhin, S. V. Analysis of the process of introducing a specialized left-turn control phase / S. V. Dorokhin, D. V. Likhachev, S. A. Bogdanov, A. V. Sorokin // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 51-63. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/51-63.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-51-63.


Abstract: The paper analyzes the foreign and Russian approaches to the calculation of controlled intersections, defines the basic principles and approaches used in the construction of phase-by-phase siding schemes. The classification of the approaches used is carried out taking into account foreign and domestic experience. In the course of the analysis of regulatory sources, it was found that there are many approaches to choosing the organization of a traffic scheme on regulated sections. Particular attention in this matter is occupied by the introduction of a specialized phase for performing a left turn, mainly this choice is made by a design engineer, based mainly on the demand for a left turn, without analyzing the main characteristics of the traffic flow, namely the queue length, speed and delays of transport funds. The main design parameters used in determining the need to introduce a specialized left-turn phase when using traffic light control are determined.


Key words: traffic light regulation, cycle duration, foreign and domestic approach, calculation, specialized phase, left turn, transport characteristics.


Popov, V. M. Heat transfer in the contact zone of surfaces with shape deviations / V. M. Popov, O. R. Dornyak, A. V. Latynin, E. N. Lushnikova // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 64-69. Mode access: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/64-69.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-64-69.


Abstract: The article considers a thermal model of the heat transfer process in a composite system with contacting metal surfaces with macro-deviations of the shape in the form of bulges. It is shown that the previously developed methods for calculating contact thermal resistances are suitable only for contact pairs with flat rough surfaces. For the contact pairs under consideration, when deriving analytical dependences, it is necessary to take into account the effect of equivalent nonflatness, the presence of which greatly increases the contact thermal resistance, which requires taking into account the influence of deviations in the shape of contact surfaces in the process of designing heat-stressed systems.


Key words: contact thermal resistance, macro-deflection of the shape of contact surfaces, convexity, load.


Popov, V. M. Creation of strong adhesive structures from wood based on physically modified adhesives / V. M. Popov, O. R. Dornyak, A. V. Latynin, E. N. Lushnikova // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - T. 4, no. 4 (34). - S. 70-75. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/70-75.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-70-75.


Abstract: In the past few decades, gluing technologies have been widely used in woodworking, which can significantly expand the range of new products. The connection of products on adhesives is used in the production of furniture, parquet, load-bearing and enclosing structures, door and window blocks, prefabricated residential buildings and many other products. The main criteria for the quality of glued wood joints is the cohesive and adhesive strength of the adhesive joint. To date, a number of technologies have been developed to increase the strength of wood adhesive joints. In order to increase the strength of the adhesive joint of wood, technologists propose methods for varying such factors as temperature, pressure during curing of the adhesive joint, the cleanliness of the surface treatment of substrates, and the thickness of the adhesive layer. A large amount of work and substantial financial costs go to create adhesives of new brands. However, the requirements for glued wood products cannot be solved by the proposed gluing technologies and new brands of adhesives. This primarily concerns the widely used glued wooden structures (KDK), which, as a rule, are operated in difficult conditions with high mechanical loads. To solve the problem of increasing the reliability of structures made of glued wood, imported, but more expensive glues are often used instead of domestic ones. To a certain extent, the creation of more high-strength adhesive joints has recently been also solved by using methods for modifying domestic adhesives irradiated with magnetic and electric fields, as well as with ultrasound.


Key words: glue, ultrasound, adhesive line, strength, tension, magnetic field, electric field, surface wetting.


Ivanovskiy, V. P., Kournikova, A. Yu., Zhuzhukin, N. V., Safarov, K. N. Processing of disk knife structures in chipless division, Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 76-83. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/76-83.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-76-83.


Abstract: The article presents a method for determining the natural frequency of the "shaft-disk" system and the critical number of revolutions for a shaft with a similar design scheme, as well as a method for calculating the maximum allowable and critical speed.


Key words: shaft, shaft stiffness, angular velocity, deflection, eccentricity.


Zhuzhukin, N.V. Increase of traction effort of forest winches during loading and unloading operations / N.V. Zhuzhukin, L.P. Kondratiev // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). – S. 84-88. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/84-88.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-84-88.


Abstract: The article provides an analysis of the operation of various friction devices, in order to select the most appropriate design for use on forest winches of a road train when performing loading and unloading operations. International experience in the operation of forest winches has shown that winches of disk, cone, shoe-pneumatic chamber friction clutches and external belt types are most often used. By increasing the value of the transmitted torque and the reliability of the couplings, it is possible to significantly increase the traction forces of the winches without significant changes in the designs of other units.


Key words: tractive force, forest winches, loading and unloading operations, friction clutches, belt clutches.


Kondratiev, L.P. The expediency of using frictional asbestos-rubber materials in friction units / L.P. Kondratiev, N.V. Zhuzhukin // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). – S. 89-93. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/89-93.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-89-93.


Abstract: The article provides an analysis and comparison of friction elements consisting of Ferodo and Retinax with asbestos rubber friction material 143-63 and 8-45-62 in the nodes and brakes of forging and pressing machines operated at forestry and woodworking industries. In Russia, the friction materials Ferodo and Retinax, widely used in clutches and brakes of operated machines, no longer satisfy consumers in many cases due to their low strength and wear resistance, which began to limit the performance of friction units. The analysis showed that the use of friction asbestos-rubber materials grades 143-63 and 8-45-62 in the units and brakes of forging and pressing machines operated at forestry and woodworking industries will dramatically increase both the productivity of the machines and their performance, and also gives the ability to significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and repair of forging and pressing equipment.


Key words: engineering, durability, performance, performance, wear resistance, brake clutches, friction material.


Kadyrmetov, A. M., Snyatkov E. V., Popov D. A., Plakhotin A. A., Radygin K. A. On the issue of technological support for the processes of plasma spraying of multicomponent coatings. technical bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 94-101. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/94-101.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-94-101.


Abstract: The paper analyzes the technological equipment of the combined process for obtaining multicomponent coatings based on plasma deposition in an open atmosphere.


Key words: plasma spraying, multicomponent coating, plasma torch, technological support, parts


Yudin, R. V. Dynamic model of the drive of forest complex machines / R. V. Yudin, R. N. Puzakov // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 102-108. Access mode : http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/102-108.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-102-108.


Abstract: The movement of the working body from the corresponding drive is described by a kinematic mathematical model, adequate to the case of the absence of dynamic factors. This model needs to be adjusted to take into account load dynamics. For the case of a mechanical drive of the working body, it is quite sufficient to determine the dependence of the process dynamics coefficient on a known combination of active factors. Since the working body is driven by a hydraulic drive, when building a dynamic model of an object, it is necessary to take into account the hydrodynamics of the drive.


Key words: working body, model, drive, dynamics.


Kadyrmetov, A. M. Hardening of bearing journals and camshaft cams / A. M. Kadyrmetov, V. N. Bukhtoyarov, P. N. Popov, A. V. Duz, N. R. Plaksina, A. A. Sakhnov / / Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 109-113. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/109-113.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-109-113.


Abstract: The paper considers the possibility of strengthening the bearing journals and camshaft cams.


Key words: plasma coatings, cams, hardening, camshaft.


Pryadkin, V. I. Simulation of the driving mode of a truck with a combined elastic element in the suspension of the rear axle / V. I. Pryadkin, A. M. Zavyalov // Voronezh Scientific and Technical Bulletin. - 2020. - V. 4, No. 4 (34). - S. 114-119. Access mode: http://vestnikvglta.ru/arhiv/2020/4-34-2020/114-119.pdf - Head. from the screen. – DOI: 10.34220/2311-8873-2021-4-4-114-119.


Abstract: The article analyzes elastic elements with a nonlinear characteristic. To improve the smoothness of the truck, a combined elastic element is proposed, including a semi-eleptic spring and a pneumatic cylinder, for installation in the suspension of the rear axle of the vehicle. In order to assess the influence of a combined elastic element with a non-linear characteristic on the smoothness of the course, a mathematical model has been developed. The mathematical model makes it possible to carry out a numerical experiment, taking into account the nature of the interaction of tires with roadway irregularities and the nonlinear characteristics of the combined elastic element.


Key words: suspension, nonlinear elastic characteristic, dynamic system, rigidity, mass.