A new issue of the online edition No. 4 (38) 2021 of 28/12/2021 has been released


We are accepting articles for publication in the first and second issues of 2022.


Authors can get an analysis of their publication activity by going to the website of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI): http://elibrary.ru/ , selecting the mode: "Author index" and specifying their last name in the search conditions and clicking on the histogram icon. If you specify not a surname, but a city or organization, then you will received a report on the author rating in them according to the citation index.


We kindly ask the authors not to use the MS Word drawing panel to create diagrams, because articles are edited. You should not insert  the  diagrams themselves  but  using graphic editors. MS Visio is specially designed to create diagrams. The presence of the  diagrams created with  the using the drawing panel of MS Word may be grounds for rejecting the article!!!