I (hereinafter referred to as the Author) hereby inform the publisher that I agree with the terms of publication.

The submitted article has not previously been published in other publications in an up-to-date or similar form and is not under consideration in the editors of other publications. All possible conflicts of interest related to copyright and publication of the articles in question are resolved. The publication of the article does not violate any of the existing copyrights and guarantees the publisher compensation for losses in case of detection of such violations. When distributing materials, the publisher transfers exclusive ownership of the manuscript, unless otherwise provided.

I grant the publisher the non-exclusive right to:

- editing the article without changing its main provisions;

- use of the work by selling a periodical collection and distributing it by subscription;

– placement of the full-text version of the article in open access on the websites of the periodical collection, the Scientific Electronic Library (www.elibrary.ru), in other scientific information bases, electronic library systems, scientific information resources on the Internet;

– free use of metadata (title, name of the author (copyright holder), annotations, bibliographic materials, etc.) for the purpose of their inclusion in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and bringing to the public, processing and systematization in other citation databases.

I submit the publisher without time limit  my personal data (last name, first name, patronymic; date of birth; information about education; information about the place of work and position held, e-mail address, contact phone number) for their storage and processing in various databases and information systems, inclusion in analytical and statistical reports, creation of reasonable links between objects of works of science, literature and art with personal data, etc. The publisher has the right to transfer the specified data for processing and storage to third parties.

(Template of the application for the publication of the article).